Agape Storehouse Apostolic Church has a wide range of ministries to serve every person that walks through our doors.  Our Ministries are driven by a desire to give everyone solid spiritual direction for their life. Helping you to be productive and blessed by the engrafted Word is essential.  It is the Word of God that brings the clarity and direction we need when we find ourselves at difficult crossroads.  Our ministries are there to help you develop and enhance your spiritual growth.  We pray that you find a place in ministry and submit your gifts before the Lord and watch Him do exceedingly abundantly in your life.

Sunday School
Sunday School Classes are designed with everyone in mind.  Classes are arranged for ages 0-99 and above should the need arise.  It is important to have Biblical knowledge and backgrounds to help you better apply the Word of God.

New Birth Classes
This class was inspired by the Lord to address the basic necessities of every believer regardless of their spiritual level and length of time with the Lord through the encouraging the babe in Christ to the most mature Child of God to get on course, get back on course, or stay on the course.  Some of the class requirements are scripture memory, weekly tests and yes, homework.  This class is required for all new members.

Leadership Training
There are many that are call, but few are chosen.  Without training, one can misrepresent himself as well as the Kingdom of Heaven.  Having zeal to preach and teach the Word without knowledge of the Word is dangerous.  Let’s get trained.

Nurses Guild
A ministry designed to meet the needs of our Pastor and 1st Lady and any of our pulpit guests.  Offering services of beverages, handkerchiefs, mints, and etc.

Ushers Board
This ministry is designed to bring great organization in church seating and setting the house of God in order.  Our friendly staff of ushers has a caring attitude and they desire to seat you and your family comfortably to hear the Word.

Pre-marital Counseling
Our anointed Pastor & lovely First Lady have a heart’s desire to see Godly and healthy marriages.  Therefore,  pre-marital counseling is a vital instrument in bringing this to pass.

Marriage Ministry
To maintain the continuity of a Christian and healthy marriage, this ministry is designed to help married couples keep focus on what is most important.

Mother’s Board
The Word of God tells us that the older women are to teach the younger women, and our mothers are full of Godly wisdom and encouragement.

Men’s Ministry
As your pastor, counselor, mentor, friend and confidant, I desire to share with you all that God gives me.  Knowing the real meaning of being a God-fearing man and helping each brother reach their full potential in Christ is our goal.

Women Ministry
As your 1st Lady, I understand that there are so many things pulling at our time and mind we need all the help and direction we can get. We know that behind every good man is a Godly woman. My desire is to put into your heart as much faith as possible which will allow you to launch out into the deep.

Youth Ministry
Our young people are our future. It is imperative that we instill the Word of God into their hearts at an early age. When you engraft the Word into their lives, you will prevent a lot of undue heartache.

Young Adults Ministry
This ministry is desgined to help and assist college students to young professionals transtion throughout life with God.

Singles Ministry
We encourage the single men and women to know that they may be single but not alone in the body of Christ. Faced with many obstacles in the 21st century, managing money, working and dating, just to name a few can be challenging.  With the proper spiritual guidance, it can be a smooth process.

Multi-Media Ministry
This ministry is responsible for videotaping and recording each service in order to provide CD’s and DVD’s for purchase to those who wish to add the message to their personal library.

Audio Ministry
This ministry is responsible for providing quality sound services to those speaking, singing or playing music, that the message in word or song will be clearly heard and understood.

Music Ministry
The Bible tells us to “praise him with the trumpet and with the flute and harp” and various other musical instruments. This ministry is designed to bring forth praise and worship in the body of Christ. We encourage anyone with gifts of music to join our choir or praise team.

Maintenance Ministry
This ministry is responsible for performing minor repairs and upkeep of the church. It provides electrical, carpentry, plumbing, painting, and other services.

Drama Ministry
This ministry has lots of skits that are presented to bring enlightenment to our everyday lives and to show us ourselves in a way that no one else could.

Culinary Arts Ministry
This ministry is designed to help all ministries and guests with the preparation of meals or catering events that take place at the church. 

Kare Ministry
This ministry is to assist in the needs of the church body, to be concern, affectionate and thoughtful to God’s people.

Program Ministry
This ministry is responsible for the monthly printing of the church newsletter which is designed to keep the members abreast of monthly activities as well as those who are on our monthly mail out list. This ministry is also responsible for the printing of other programs that are needed in any of our special worship services. 

Sign Language Ministry
This ministry is designed to minister to those who is hearing impaired. This ministry is needed to assist those with hearing impairment to be able to understand the Word of God through the ministry of sign language.

Hospitality Ministry
This ministry is designed to ensure that everyone who arrives for our worship services receive a friendly welcome as they join us. These are the "Front Liners" to let everyone know they are loved and welcomed!

Choros Dance Ministry
This ministry is designed to worship the Lord through ministering in the arts of dance and mime, using God given gifts, to bring others into the kingdom of God, and see lost souls come to know Christ as their Lord.

Orientation Ministry
This ministry is designed to orient new members who join the ministry. It provides a luncheon in which new members can dine and enjoy valuable information from the Pastor and 1st Lady. It also allows new members a time to fellowship and become better acquainted with the Pastor and 1st Lady. 

Outreach Ministry
This ministry is designed for the sole purpose of reaching out to a dying world and offering people the love of God. God has commissioned everyone, including you to go out into the highways and hedges and compel souls to come in to the Household of Faith.

Hospital Ministry
This ministry is designed to go into the hospital setting or home setting to bring comfort to those who are hospitalized through pray for healing, by sharing the gospel where needed, and to bring comfort, reminding those that are in especially difficult situations that God loves them and is working through their situation.

Overcomers’ Ministry
This ministry is designed to mentor, teach and encourage women to know their self worth (who they are), to love themselves and how to walk in divine purpose.

Security Ministry
This ministry is designed to provide a safe and peaceful environment for the congregation to worship. The security team helps protect and serve the congregation of God’s people in the house of worship. In addition to security, the ministry is responsible for parking lot, to properly assist in parking cars so that ample space for parking is available to all who attend services.

Visual Inspiration Ministry
This ministry is designed to provide signage to our outside billboard sign that will display service times, inspirational scriptures and quotes for those driving past our church. The visual inspiration ministry reaches out to passersby in cars to promote the church and the services that are held at Agape.

Shepherd Assistance Ministry
This ministry is designed to serve as assistants to our leaders in overseeing their Vacation and Sabbatical leave by providing them with whatever necessary for their time off. It also provide the support needed to pastor and his family, whether it is in the form of prayer, encouragement through words, or other actions that show love and gratitude to Pastor & First Lady.

Church Ministries

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