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“By this shall all men know that ye are my disciples, 

 if ye have love one to another” John 13:35


           It is my vision through the Word of God to bring people into a relationship with Jesus Christ, to break down and destroy racial and denominational barriers, and all forms of religious and traditional ways that may hinder or limit us in serving the Lord in Spirit and in Truth.   


Therefore, by empowering God’s people with the Word of God, through preaching and teaching, it will aid in destroying the spirit of poverty in all areas of their lives.  


It is also my vision to edify men, women and children, enabling marriages and families to be successful and whole.  The Lord’s goal for this Storehouse is to fulfill the great responsibility in supplying the needs of His people which entails salvation, education, counsel, sustenance for parishioners, our community, city, county and state.  

I will teach God’s people how to live a victorious life above sin, sickness, poverty, fear and    unbelief through practical application of the Word of God in prayer, fasting, praise and worship.  


With God’s help, I will nourish the wounded, the hurting and the lost.  God’s people will be spiritually sound and secure, physically, mentally, economically and educationally therefore, raising their level of self worth, self motivation, self determination, and self sufficiency. 


 In doing so, we will fulfill the Word of God as it relates to Christ’s definition of what a storehouse should be according to Malachi 3:10 “that there may be meat (provision) in mine storehouse.


God’s Storehouse is blessed and prosperous!

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